Monday, August 13, 2012

Custom Engine Cover (fiberglass) - 11th August 2012

I went to paint supply shop and bought a starter kit for fiberglass work.

For RM26 (USD8.30) i get:
- 4 sq feet of fiberglass sheet (mesh)
- 1/2 kg of resin

using my old thin, stretchable t-shirt, i cut it into 1 big sheet and arranged it to the fuel tank. I'm using double-sided tape to stick it to the tank lower wall.
This is how it look like

Rear side view of the cloth

As u can see, a layer of double sided tape to make the cloth sticking into the curve

The cloth pressed to the tape, u can see the shadow of the curve.

Front view, the bottom part of the cloth was sticked to the custom zinc cover i made in the previous entry

Resin applied onto the cloth

Wet resin, rear side view

Wet resin

I left the project for 1 night to let it totally dry, this is how it look like the next day (12th August 2012)
The resin has harden and stay in it shape

Hardened resin, inner look, as u can see, some paint stuck on it, i have to repaint the tank and body frame

Cutting the unused part, the balance of the cloth.

Fitting test, very good result, 99% fits.

Fitting test #2, full side view

Cutting the fiberglass mesh into strips

Reapply the resin for fiberglass layering

After fiberglass layering, it become harder and sturdier, i'm running out of resin, have to stop until the next update